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Adam Rix is the founder and managing member of Watermark Initiative, LLC and the author of the Hydro Perspective®. Rix directs Watermark’s global team of Hydro Diplomats from an office in the United States alongside mobile offices worldwide to ensure each client has the right resources to implement their vision. Rix brings to water business, policy, and technology leaders hands-on experience gained in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. His background includes managing a private equity and venture firm focused on water reuse technologies, as well as serving as Chief Licensing Officer for a groundwater diagnostics company. Rix holds a Masters of International Development and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver, in addition to a B.A. from Trinity College, Connecticut.

“One part ambassador, one part operator, and one part analyst makes a Hydro Diplomat.”

Watermark’s team of Hydro Diplomats brings subject matter expertise and skills honed in the field. Our consultants have global experience combined with the technical know-how to tackle water and wastewater projects for industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential sectors. Sensitivity to hard and soft indicators makes us effective in markets demanding innovative and appropriate technologies.


Water & Natural Resource Lawyers Chemists
International Development Specialists Physicists
Cultural Advisors Hydrologists
Economists Geologists
Foreign Service Officers Limnologists
Engineers Oceanographers
Biologists Climate Researchers
Industry Executives Technology R & D Experts

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